Web Shop is Open!

I was able to get a handful of boxes and towers listed on the new web shop. It’s not everything I have right now, but it will do for now. I have to get back into the shop to crank out some custom requests, DCC boxes, and mini towers. I might list more next week.

Keep in mind I can mix and match bases (of the same wood type) and I will take requests for stuff I don’t have listed. See a graphic you like but want it in a different color? I can do that. Want something in a different wood type? I can do that. I have a lot of stuff planned for the coming months and my squirrel like attention span can only focus for so long lol.

You can click on “The Shop” from the menu or main page. Or the direct link is: https://dirtywoods.square.site/s/shop

Quick snip of the web store.

Happy Gaming!

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