New Year, New Adjustments, and a KS.

Some of you may remember this one, it’s the ol’ 3 piece tower box. Popular product, always sold out of them at the conventions. When I got the new CNC I had to change how it was made. I needed to anyway, There were always small issues with the process. Unfortunately it spent way too much time on the back burner, so now it is time for a redesign.

First, I am going to use thicker wood. That will make the tray a little deeper, and the rolling slot able to handle more dice at once. Also, that means I won’t have to do an inset cut on the outside of the tower.

Second, since I now have a small sized tower, I will be able to make a small tower box. A true travel sized setup.

A couple notes on this. The open tray will be the only option for dice storage here. Adding another layer for a “base section” would make the whole thing very bulky, I have always advised using a separate box and tower for that situation. Also, I may remove the magnets from the tower section since it seems like they are not really needed and the cost adds up. Lastly, I think we’ll to a limited run Kickstarter on this one. Maybe like 200 pieces?

So, where’s the prototype you ask? Good question. You might have heard me talk about Midwest winters with an unheated shop… so January has been rough. Good news though, I’m moving the CNC to a different location for the year. I won’t get into the details, but it’s a mutually beneficial situation. That just means it might be another week or so until I can get things rolling again.

There are some other projects in the works, but life works at it’s own pace sometimes. There will be plenty to see at Origins, PopCon, and InCon this year… and maybe even GenCon… 😉

Happy Gaming!

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