Redesign Alert: Small Box and Tower

Another “not a new project” redesign. The small square box always felt like an afterthought to me. I made it because it was simple, and it worked. Over the past few months I decided I should try to make it rectangular, like the medium and large boxes. I wanted it to look like a DW box. The square boxes were nice, don’t get me wrong, but this takes it to a whole new level.

After changing the internal “swoosh” pocket of the dice tower I realized that It could be put into a smaller form with minimal modification. It helped with the mini tower design, and now we have a small tower that fits standard sized dice. Small box, small tower, then there’s the medium box, medium tower. I know what you’re thinking… I may mess with a large tower design.

The other change I made to the small box is a double open pocket (as I like to call it). Meaning you can fit a set of dice+ and a mini if you want. Or you can go cafeteria tray style and separate your sets of dice. Either way, it’s a super compact way to travel to your game tables in style without having to lug around oversized accessories.

Both tower and box measure in at 3.5″ by 5.5″ and about 1.5″ in total thickness. That’s about as small as I am going until I mess with mini dice storage and towers more (maybe). I also think the lid is more usable as a rolling tray than the square version, there’s more room to roll.

The only issue I have with the tower right now is the bottom notch. The weight pushes the whole thing so it leans back a little, but really it should work best with the whole tower outside the tray anyway. Either way, it works.

For the dice goblin that want’s to store their higher end math rocks There is still the 7 hex version.

Yes, those are radical glass dice by Level Up

I will still offer the fully open base, I just haven’t cut any yet. Really I think the double open does the job and then some, so the fully open may only be available by request.

The next step in the process is to figure out how the space works with graphics and resin. There’s a thing I might try that could be specific to small boxes. Not sure yet. I may also try some laser graphics, but I’d have to drive across town to use the one our friends have (someone buy me a glowforge for my birthday lol).

Here’s a few extra pics for fun.

Inside the tower

These will definitely be on the table when we get back to conventions.

Feel free to ask questions, give insight, or tell me how they could be better.

Happy gaming!

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