Updated Mini Tower

An updated design isn’t a new design, right? So I found a loophole in my own rules. This really needed to be done though. I was experimenting with a completely different design for the mini towers, but with a new rolling pocket design (dice swoosh?) I revisited the old pocket sized box.

It’s almost the same as the old one I did, but now it fits two sets of mini dice inside and has four sets of magnets instead of two.

The standard sized D20 is for scale, but it’s 4″x3″ just like the old one. I have a handful that I am working on finishing, but none of them have graphics or resin yet. This is one of those items that would look great with a laser cut graphic, maybe later this year I will look at getting one.

This is one of those niche within a niche products that always sells out at conventions no matter how many I make.

This box is smaller than my phone.

Stay tuned, I have a few things that I am “updating” that I want to share with you.

Happy gaming!

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