Small Box Prototype

The new small box design is 3″x5.5″ as opposed to the old 4″x4″ square small box. Why the change? The medium and large boxes are rectangular in design, so the small will match the shape. I like the look, there is just something more aesthetically pleasing about it.

Along with this design is a smaller tower, which fits well with the idea of travel utility. They are both sized the same, something the old tower slot would not be able to do. It’s actually about the same size as the mini tower redesign, but it will accommodate standard sized dice up to a d20. For DCC players you would still have to use the 4″x7″ tower for your d24 and d30, or roll them by hand if you were using the small tower.

Keep in mind these pieces are not fully finished. No sealer, no magnets, no velvet. Also, the smaller size on direction (the 3″) means there would be limitations on graphics and resin pours. It would be great for laser etched graphics (still on the list to buy… eventually).

Despite my opinion on the small box prototype, it’s not up to me if it replaces the square design. If no one is interested, then it wont be a thing. So, here’s some additional comparison pics. I’d love to get some feedback.

Normal tower vs small tower.

Happy gaming!

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