I wrote a game for you…

The small town of Ravens Roost is a way point of trade between major cities. It sits on a tributary river about half a day’s ride west of Konbjerg (or a home brew city of your choosing). The town was originally a garrison several generations ago when the wilderness was a larger source of unrest, and danger. On the western side of the river is a fortified garrison, and a temple (which now serves as a logistical center for trade caravans). Around the fortification arose merchants, inns, and a warehouse district on the water. On the eastern side of the river is a sparsely populated farming community, and local trade village.

Normally a fairly uneventful hamlet, Ravens Roost has recently been the target of a series of break ins over the past couple of weeks. Rumors fuel wild guesses as to who or what is responsible, and the list of stolen items is no help. The garrison constable doesn’t wish to dedicate what little man power he has to the issue since the break ins do not directly hinder the trade routes. The adventurers are hired to stop the break ins by a representative of the little-known merchant house Envaris, with the blessing of the garrison constable.

I started playing Dungeons and Dragons in 1989 (why does this feel like an addiction meeting). For all the games that I made up over the years this is the first one I actually put on paper. Well, it’s digital. With no real plans to do hard copy runs any time soon.

Despite it taking so many years to actually publish something, I will say that it is much easier now than it would have been back then. WoTC really hit on something when they created the open gaming license and started supporting community content with the Dungeon Masters Guild.

This is something I have always wanted to do. I recognize that my first attempt is just that, a first attempt. I don’t plan on getting wealthy on one module (or multiple for that matter). The important part right now is that I put it out there. Step one complete. Project done.

Also important, which I believe is paramount in the TTRPG community, is contributing to the community. Even if no one buys it ever it is still a significant game module to me. I introduced a number of new players to the game with this content, but back then it was mostly in my head. You don’t even have to buy it to run it. You can pay $0 to download it from dmsguild dot com, or you can pay the 1.99 if you want and I’ll put it in the coffee fund.

I want to make more. I also need feedback to know if it’s any good. So let me know if you read it, or run it. What works? What didn’t work? Or, better yet, are you a brand new DM (GM) that want’s to run it? Ask questions, I’ll help you learn how to run it. I want to help make the TTRPG community a better place. I feel like I need to after playing for 32 years.


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