New Roads

It’s been an interesting year and a half since my last blog post. However; I have thought about writing again off and on. After going overseas to work for a while, loosing my mother, turning 40, and just general shenanigans with home and work life, I feel like I am at a cross roads. An epoch in my life. I use that word specifically due to recent music I listened to.

I watch youtube channels of people that do what they love for a living, mostly outdoors things, or small workshops. I keep hearing “I took a risk, and it payed off.” There’s a lot of things I would love to do for a living. Other people did it, I should be able to as well, right? I know what I want to do, I just have to figure out how to get there. I am going to start hobbies that generate some income, “side hustle” as the kids are calling it these days.

I am not sure how the blog is going to work into all of it yet, but I know it needs to be part of my life. Next week I head to Colorado again. Also, I ordered a CNC wood carving machine that should be here by the time I get back. This is me investing in myself. So expect posts about the outdoors, and woodworking over the next couple months. Mostly for myself since I don’t really have any readers yet lol.


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