Con Recovery Week

We had a great time at Who’s Yer Con! Looking forward to many more years of attending as vendors, and hopefully playing some games here and there too.

As with most conventions, the week after is usually recovery. Unload, repack, plan for the next thing. Our next thing just happens to be Origins in June, and I feel like that is going to come up quick. We just picked out our booth location, 725. We are somewhere between Goodman Games and Free League Publishing, and yes, we did that on purpose.

After doing some quick math I am going to try to have 500 boxes and towers made for the booth. Don’t ask me how I am going to pack them all lol, that’s more than we’ve had at a single convention ever. Our new project focus is on the DCC

upgraded design, with a limited run Kickstarter that will open about the same time as Origins. As of right now we are looking at having three DCC specific artists featured on those boxes.

On the list of potential projects (if we can make them work in time) include pub signs made out of bourbon barrel lids, and lathe turned mechanical pencils which will match the wood that the boxes are made out of. I’m excited about both projects, but there is already a lot of work to get done for Origins before I get to those.

Also on the list of exciting news, we are going to Gamehole Con in October! Really looking forward to going to a new region, and experiencing a great convention for the first time. We are still considering PopCon again this year, but have not made a decision. Since it’s local it will be hard to say no.

Lastly, I pulled the boxes from the online shop while I go through the inventory to see what is left. I should have more items up next week (ish) along with trying out a “made to order” section of some of our more popular tray and tower designs. Each of those items will have a 2 to 3 week lead time for construction and shipping. Since it’s a new thing, we’ll see how it goes.

I think that’s all for now! Happy gaming!

Mr. DW


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