What’s Next for DW?

Just wanted to drop a note on the next few months. Right now I am working on increasing inventory for the FLGS around Indy, and I am finishing up a project for another vendor I met at Origins (no details yet, don’t want to spoil the surprise). Winter is a bit rough still, no heat in the shop yet.

We are planning on being at IndyStorm in Feb, so what time I get to be in the shop will be focused on inventory for that. I will take a few custom orders for the holiday, just keep in mind that shipping still sucks worldwide, and I have a limited number of days running the machine (it doesn’t like the cold either).

The DM screen project is still rolling around in my head, and I still need to get the tooling I need to bring back the 3 piece tower box. There’s potential for a lot of good things in 2021. We hope yours is looking positive too.

Enjoy those Halloween one shots!

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