Where’s the Web Shop?

I wanted to address this question because it keeps coming up (for good reason), especially during Origins.

Really I should answer the preface question first before getting into this one. Where can I buy a DW box? Right now we are focused on three areas for sales. Local retail stores (hopefully a couple more before the pending holiday season), a handful of conventions in the Midwest region, and direct contact orders. So if you see a box you like, or have a request for a specific graphic/layout combination, send us a message and we’ll make it. I love working with people to get them the box they really want.

Why so limited right now? I can only do so much. Keeping a good handle on inventory levels is a challenge (a good problem to have) considering the shop is small (2/3 of a 2 car garage) and there are only two of us doing all the work (one of which has a full time job). So, I have to balance work load and life in order to avoid burn out. I want this thing to be long term.

Back to the original question. Where’s the web shop? These days it’s almost seen as a business killer to not have a “click to buy” option. Normally I would agree, if the main goal of the business is paying the bills. Long term, yes, I would like to make a regular living from doing DW full time. Right now it’s about connecting in person, validating the product, and just being a part of the community in general. It may be an unconventional business plan, but I want to run the business, I don’t want the business to run us.

There will likely be a web shop in the future, but not until I can expand the shop to increase my production. The plan for that is moving to a new house with enough space to have a dedicated shop building (instead of renting a space, which would increase overhead). With the state of the housing market right now, moving is on hold. We need a bit more stability to be comfortable with that decision.

For now we will continue with the slow ramp up of DW. Creating a footprint in the table top game industry is the priority, not profit. We’re here for the long haul.

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