Origins Report

Last I heard, attendance was about 1/3 of what it normally is. Despite that, it was absolutely amazing for us. Day one was overshadowed with imposter syndrome. Do we even belong here? Will we sink in the ocean of seasoned vendors and gamers? Day two was more of a “is this actually happening” moment. Day three we settled into the groove of the convention, and realized that this is who we are, and where we belong.

So much love to the community. Not just the attendees, but the other vendors as well. We played games, talked shop (games, really lol), connected for possible projects in the future, made trades for cool stuff, it was so much fun. Big thanks to everyone who made it a great con!

Considering that DW is just the two of us for the most part, things that happen outside of the work tend to translate into larger disruptions in the business. I haven’t posted updates as much as I like recently due to this, and due to the fact that prepping for Origins was a huge push for us. I almost cancelled our booth honestly. Ultimately we made it work, and I am truly glad we did.

Thanks again, and happy gaming!


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